Editors' Readme

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To those interested in editing this Wiki,

As the project is in it's nascent stage, a lot of text still has to be typed out, this readme was started with the intention of leaving some guidance to the editors for resources that would be helpful to increasing the amount of relevant information in this wiki.

[Wen's Map] has datapoints which links to Chinese Wikipedia pages with no English equivalent, if you are proficient in translating between the two languages, please do write an English version and file it in the appropriate branch and region, as the map already has data points on a significant number of Chinese military installations.

Your local PLA watcher likely posts/tweets plenty of photos of Chinese military hardware to populate their timeline, and most of the time leaves a credit for the Chinese account they sourced their images from, profile these accounts, and keep track of their track record in timeliness and accuracy. Point out cases of outstanding performance or mishap, and record them on the wiki. With this information, we can continuously update our tierlist to filter out poor sources and relief our collective cognitive load of the irrelevant information.

When you are editing, please do remember to properly credit and attribute your sources to the entries, as PLA watching does have a commercial presence and some of our associates themselves work in the field as their employment. If we are to sustain a healthy community for this subject, crediting and recognizing each other's work must be a priority, lest we be overwhelmed by the same clickbait channels that plague the military community on youtube.

That's all for now. -Lia Wong